2018. The Year Veganism Goes Mainstream

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Trends, products and ingredients at Free From/Functional Food Expo 2018

Across Europe and the US, consumers are switching to meat free alternatives. No longer a niche market, veganism is up 500% in the US over the last three years and 360% in the UK over the last ten years.

Generational Difference

Age is a key influencer, with half of UK vegans falling into the 15-34 bracket. Only 22% of over 55s, however, are considering giving up meat. In the UK over half the population would class themselves as flexitarian, choosing to regularly eat less meat.

Partner these statistics with the meat and dairy substitutes industry, predicted to reach $40bn by 2020.

Food manufacturers are taking advantage and providing creative solutions for this fast-growing market.

A Plant Based Future

Clever brands are ensuring that their products appeal to a wider audience than vegans alone. There is a large base of consumers seeking healthy, clean label, plant-based food. The potential for vegan products is expanding as demand grows from the non-vegan sector to complement the rising numbers of vegans.

Ground Breaking Ingredients

Ingenious producers are looking to both ancient and modern ingredients as nutritious alternatives to meat and dairy. Exhibiting at the show are ILO Coconen (stand C17), their cheese alternative is made from coconut milk, sauerkraut and canola oil. Organic producers PROBIOS (stand C34) are using interesting ingredients such as hemp, pea flour and algae across their sweet and savoury vegan product ranges.

ABCD Nutrition (stand E26) have ventured into the vegan ready meals sector. Their range of four dishes in handy pots can be eaten cold or hot, are also all gluten free.

In the dairy alternatives arena, Edlong Dairy Technologies (stand E22), have pioneered 25 natural vegan flavours. Marrying science and a variety of plant-based ingredients, they’ve created authentic dairy tastes in their flavourings.

Ronald Holman, Exhibition Director, said:

We are excited to welcome the latest and greatest meat free and plant-based inventions from across the globe. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet multiple creative producers under one roof. Join us by pre-registering for your free badge at freefromfoodexpo.com.

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